I’m not seeing it in 3D…3D sucks…or does it?

Star Wars is going to be big. Like cachunga big. Like even your grandmother is going online to get tickets big. When it comes to big releases like Star Wars, the studios have… Continue reading


Boy 2014 was a strange year. It feels like the lighting of a fuse of epicness that 2015 will be. We’re gonna get freaking Star Wars AND Jurassic Park sequels?! AND JAMES BOND?!… Continue reading

Top 10 Most Exciting Directors currently working (2014)

In a candid, sometimes uncomfortable, interview at Cannes, Quentin Tarantino spoke candidly on a wide variety of subjects. He did his usual song and dance about hating digital, his love for Leone, his… Continue reading

The lack of drama in Godzilla (2014) – a review

“Godzilla” has been released, and along with it a slew of people both attacking it and defending it. The attackers feel the movie was very boring and didn’t have enough action, while the… Continue reading

Q&A’s Suck

  Who isn’t an excited for a question and answer session? It’s the closest thing you’ll get to having an actual conversation to your favorite artists; a chance for the creators to have… Continue reading

Milius – a review/State of the Cinematic Union

There has been a lot of great documentaries in recent years about all things cinema. These films often give us inside looks into the lives of the people responsible for some of the… Continue reading

The Split Mind of The Sopranos – a study of Mad Men & Boardwalk Empire

I understand that this blog has for a long time been dedicated to films and film reviews, but television has come a long way since the days of old, my friends. Since the… Continue reading

The Grand Budapest Hotel – a review and eventual study of the “old people giggles”

Oh my intrepid readers, how I have missed you so. Often in my travels do I consider making my usual bi-monthly, bi-yearly, bi-quarterly return to my famed movie blog, however a little troll… Continue reading


I know I take overlong hiatus from my blogging career, but it’s all about the fun of it and less about the number of posts. Quality above quantity right? No? Well I’m sorry… Continue reading

My Top 10 Favorite Breaking Bad Episodes

  Well it’s finally happened. After months ¬†of speculating, estimating, and guessing (aren’t those the same thing?), one of the most critically acclaimed shows of all time, “Breaking Bad”, reached an explosive, unforgiving… Continue reading